We supply various types of polishes and floor care finishing products.

Our polishes include:

(a) TB 224 – Self shine liquid floor polish – it can be used on terrazzo, quarry tiles, concrete and any other cement floors including mazerras tiles/cement tiles.

(b) TB 224 – Buffing Liquid Floor Polish – this polish is used for waxing on the floor.

(c) TB – Paste Wax Floor Polish – this is a wax based floor polish which can be used on terrazzo, wood, cement, concrete and quarry tiles.

Our floor care finishing products include:
(a) Eclipse 1 – Floor polish stripper – it is used to completely take off old wax and floor finish.

(b) Eclipse 2 – Floor polish sealer – it is used to seal porous surfaces on all cement floors like terrazzo, bricks, quarry tiles, granite etc.

(c) Eclipse 3 – Floor polish finisher – this product gives a wet look shine that is anti-slip and detergent resistant.

(d) Eclipse 4 – Shine polish restorer – this product maintains a super mirror shine and is used when the surface loses its luster or when extra shine is desired.

(e) Eclipse 5 – Crystal clear cleaner – this is an amazing product which attacks the dirt on the floor but leaves the shine. This can also be used as a general purpose cleaner.

(f) Top wet regular & effective floor cleaner – this is a highly concentrated floor cleaner for daily use on terrazzo, concrete, brick, rubber, PVC and ceramic floor tiles.

(g) Eclipse 401 – Cement hardener – this product is commonly used industrial floors where stronger strength is required. This is an additive for concrete mix.

(h) Eclipse 501 – Roof colorant cladding – this is a quality product designed for professionals who demand more out of roof colorant.